Gorilla Bench Press & Deadlift (How Much Can They Lift?)

Every wondered how much a Gorilla can bench press or deadlift? They are amazing creatures with brute strength. Whether you have watched a movie like Congo or Tarzan or just been to a zoo to see them in action. There are some amazing documentaries out there that show how much strength they have.

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So how Much Can A Gorilla Bench Press?

Gorillas can bench press anywhere from 1,800-4,400lbs depending on how much they weigh. To be more exact a gorilla can push 10 times their weight, but this can't be converted into a direct bench press. Even at 1,800lbs is still much more then a man or woman can press. Gorillas can weight anywhere from 180 to 440lbs this is where the calculation comes from. Now getting a gorilla to actually perform a bench press is probably the bigger task then the amount of weight. 

Silverback Gorillas can probably bench press the most as they are the heavier and more powerful of gorillas. Gorillas aren't designed and trained to bench press so until that happens we won't have an exact number. Once it does I will be to update this article.  For now read on with what we do know on gorillas and their strength compared to humans.

How Much Can A Gorilla Deadlift?

A Gorilla can deadlift 1,800lbs this is something The Guiness Book Of Records has done the research on and states on their website and books. They went further into this calculation, but gorillas on average are 6 times stronger then humans when it comes to lifting things.

Gorilla Lifting Weights (According To Others)

So we didn't want you to just take our word or research for it on gorillas lifting weights. We went out and gathered information from other forums that have asked the same question and lots of answers back both from experts and let's just say others. We curated this information and nothing has changed besides any spelling or grammar where needed.

1. 67kg_lifter “Arms are long” – I’m concerned about their pull numbers since their arms are so long. They almost drag on the ground. They would reach almost full knee and hip extension before the bar even left the ground. They could be at full extension without the bar leaving the ground. Don't think this would happen with any human but if it did I'd guess they'd need to narrow their stance till the bar leaves the ground. Basically the most extreme rack-pull possible.

2. Crazyhands96 “Just need to teach technique” – They could perform the physical act of a deadlift with the weight ROM of a rack pull. That combined with their much greater muscle strength would really pump up their numbers I would think. That is, if you could actually teach them technique.

3. NoPonyTailGuy “More so bench then deadlift” – I don’t think squat/pulling would be there jam though. Think they would be more of a bench/row kinda guy. They spend much of their time running around on there hands, climbing and pulling up trees…not sayin their legs aren’t strong but I bet they nuke bench

4. Mattycmckee “Outperform any adult” – They would absolutely outperform an adult. They would absolutely destroy an adult full stop, even Lasha wouldn’t even come close to an average silverback.

5. WannaBe17 “No range of motion on dead” – Looks like his deadlift would have about 3″ range of motion with those arms, maybe 1 1/2″ if he goes sumo, so trained up for a few years he could deadlift all of Texas. Squats would be lower due to having a reasonable ROM, but still on the order of Montana or so.

6. Altigue “800kg here we come” – Other primates are roughly 2-4x stronger than humans on average. My bro here could probably pull 800kg w/ ease. Squat strength is probably sick nasty. Also, love how this is rightfully under the ‘Elite’ flair.

7. FamusMockingBird “Any gorilla 800kg” – Any old gorilla off the street, could just walk up and pick up 800kg. Seriously, just imagine if you could train a gorilla for five years. 3,000-4,000-5,000-6,000kg? What do you think?

8. Jydefar “Training wouldn't help” – I believe i once heard some smart person talk about how other primates are naturally closer to their maximum capacity compared to humans. So something like strenght training works better on humans than primates.

9. Zsjok “Shows evolution” – whats interesting about this is that the difference in muscle strength is down to different muscle fibre types, primates have mainly fast twitch explosive fibers but humans have on average much less of these fibers which is also down to the ACTN3 gene which makes fast twitch muscles grow . Basically our genes mutated and our muscles became less powerful because this gene is not working correctly in most humans

10. Hasslebrow12 “Square Cube Law” – the square cube law should also be factored in. of course an 80lb chimp will have more pound for pound strength than a 150lb man.
a 150lb man has significantly more pound for pound strength than a 6'7 350lb man, but that doesn't mean he has some sort of special muscle fibers or evolved differently or anything like that.

11. Brummie49 “I have witnessed their strength” – I once saw an orangutan tear a branch off a tree with one hand like it was nothing. It was about 3-4″ in diameter. No human could come close to that. I've seen a video of a silverback dragging a man behind him like it was a rag doll. Not sure how the 1.5x figure came about, but particularly with grip strength, I'm highly sceptical. I suspect it varies dramatically depending on muscle group. I would actually expect primates to be way stronger with their upper body strength vs lower body, as humans use our legs for 100% of our locomotion vs primates which use more upper body.

12. Zeekly4 “All theory” – all of these claims say that the method of gathering data was to “pull a handle” but they never show the actual act, or the handle in question. i remember an old one that mentioned a handle that used a spring to measure force. it's very likely that the humans could have done a steady pull while the monkers did an explosive spontaneous one. i know for a fact that a lot of EMG studies involve shoddy science and testing methods including bias, and these are done by people who actually know a few things about lifting. i wouldn't count on a bunch of dyel's to know how to accurately test strength.

13. Faurek “700kg easily” – Short legs, big torso definitely a squater, full grown would maybe go like 700kg natty after 20 years of training, with a little bit of tren, test and deca could get 1000kg, which Eddie Hall did do on the leg press with shitty range of motion, he is basically a gorilla and behaves like one

Related Questions

How Much Would A Silverback Gorilla Bench Press?

A Silverback Gorilla would almost surely bench press the most out of all gorillas since they have much more brute strength. Plus their bad attitude is sure to help so they would be able to push around 1,800+lbs on their bench press.

How Strong Would A Gorilla Be if It Worked Out?

A Gorilla probably wouldn't be much stronger overall from working out since they are constantly moving around in the jungle gathering and even fighting at times. However, if they were taught the proper form on things like bench pressing or deadlifting they could then be able to lift around 10 times their bodyweight which is an amazing feat.

Is Eddie Hall Stronger Than A Gorilla?

Eddie Hall is not stronger than a gorilla, but could lift around 80% the capacity of a weaker male gorilla. So basically a weaker gorilla on his worst day and can still out lift macho strong man Eddie Hall.

Can A Human Be Stronger Than A Gorilla?

Gorillas on average are 6-10 times stronger then a human so that would literally be impossible for a person to be stronger then any one gorilla. A much weaker gorilla and a strongman like Eddie Hall could be very close however.


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