Does Chop Wood Carry Water Work? Workout Reviews (Complete List)

The Chop Wood Carry Water workout program, created by Super Trainer Amoila Cesar, is a unique combination of functional strength training and primal movement. With its focus on strength training, metabolic conditioning, and recovery, this program offers three calendar options and can be completed in just 4-5 weeks.

Featuring various workout formats such as Tempo Strength, Burnout, and MixMet, as well as incorporating primal movement flow and recovery, this program aims to improve strength, agility, and overall well-being.

But does Chop Wood Carry Water really work? Let's dive into the workout reviews to find out.

Program Overview

Chop Wood Carry Water is a program that combines functional strength training, primal movement, and recovery workouts to improve agility, strength, and overall well-being.

Incorporating primal movements into your fitness routine offers numerous benefits. Primal movements, which are ground-based and bodyweight exercises, enhance flexibility, mobility, and stability. By engaging in these movements, you can improve your functional strength and mobility, leading to better performance in daily activities and sports.

The Chop Wood Carry Water program specifically focuses on developing strength and mobility through its unique combination of functional training and primal movements. The program incorporates dynamic stretching and primal movements at the beginning and end of each workout, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness.

Super Trainer Amoila Cesar

Amoila Cesar, the Super Trainer behind the CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER program, is known for his expertise in functional strength training and primal movement.

With a strong background in fitness, Cesar has developed a training style that combines dynamic, compound weights with HIIT and primal movements. His fitness philosophy revolves around the idea of building habits and achieving greatness through patience and repetition, as inspired by the Zen proverb that the program is named after.

Cesar's training style focuses on improving flexibility, mobility, stability, and overall well-being through primal movements that mimic natural, ground-based bodyweight exercises. He believes in the importance of incorporating recovery workouts to enhance muscle activation, joint mobility, and relaxation.

With his extensive knowledge and professional approach, Amoila Cesar has created a program that offers a unique and effective fitness experience.

Program Structure Options

The program offers three calendar options, allowing participants to choose between 4, 5, or 6 workouts per week. Each option has its own pros and cons, and understanding these can help individuals choose the right program structure for their fitness goals.

Pros of the 4 workouts per week option:

  • Allows for more rest and recovery time between workouts
  • Ideal for those who have a busy schedule or are new to fitness

Cons of the 4 workouts per week option:

  • May not be enough volume for individuals looking to build significant muscle or improve athletic performance

Pros of the 5 workouts per week option:

  • Provides a good balance between rest and training frequency
  • Suitable for individuals looking to maintain or slightly improve their fitness level

Cons of the 5 workouts per week option:

  • Not as intense as the 6 workouts per week option for those seeking rapid progress

Pros of the 6 workouts per week option:

  • Maximizes training frequency, allowing for faster progress
  • Ideal for individuals looking to gain muscle, improve strength, or enhance athletic performance

Cons of the 6 workouts per week option:

  • Requires a higher level of commitment and time availability
  • May increase the risk of overtraining if not properly managed

To choose the right program structure for your fitness goals, consider factors such as your current fitness level, time availability, and desired outcomes. It's important to strike a balance between challenging yourself and allowing for proper rest and recovery.

Workout Formats

The workout formats in the Chop Wood Carry Water program offer a variety of training styles to challenge and improve participants' strength, conditioning, and overall fitness.

Each format targets different aspects of fitness, allowing individuals to choose the right workout based on their goals and preferences.

One of the notable benefits of the program is the incorporation of primal movement in some of the workout formats. Primal movement, which includes ground-based, bodyweight movements, improves flexibility, mobility, and stability. This type of movement is beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their agility, strength, and overall well-being.

To choose the right workout format, individuals should consider their fitness level, specific goals, and preferences. Whether it's the Tempo Strength, Hot Start, EMOM Circuit, Burnout, or MixMet format, each workout offers a unique challenge and opportunity for growth.

Tempo Strength

Participants in the Chop Wood Carry Water program can expect a challenging and effective workout with the Tempo Strength format. This format focuses on multiple tempo-based strength exercises and conditioning. It offers a variety of benefits and is known for its effectiveness in achieving fitness goals.

  • Benefits:
  • Builds strength: The tempo-based exercises in the Tempo Strength format help participants build muscle and increase their overall strength.
  • Improves conditioning: By incorporating conditioning exercises, this format not only helps participants build strength but also improves their cardiovascular endurance.
  • Enhances body composition: The combination of tempo-based strength exercises and conditioning in the Tempo Strength format can lead to improved body composition, helping participants achieve their desired physique.

With its focus on tempo-based strength exercises and conditioning, the Tempo Strength format in the Chop Wood Carry Water program provides participants with an effective workout that offers a range of benefits, including increased strength, improved conditioning, and enhanced body composition.

Hot Start

Amoila Cesar, the creator of Chop Wood Carry Water, incorporates a unique format called Hot Start into the program. This format consists of a quad set of 4 exercises that immediately gets the body moving.

The Hot Start is designed to provide numerous benefits to participants. By starting the workout with a Hot Start, individuals can increase their heart rate, activate their muscles, and enhance their overall performance during the session.

The Hot Start exercises are carefully selected to target different muscle groups and promote full-body engagement. Additionally, the Hot Start can be modified to accommodate different fitness levels and limitations. Modifications may include adjusting the intensity, range of motion, or using equipment for support.

EMOM Circuit

During the EMOM Circuit format in the Chop Wood Carry Water program, individuals perform exercises every minute on the minute, incorporating post-activation potentiation and plyometric movements. This format offers several benefits, including increased cardiovascular endurance, improved muscular strength and power, and enhanced calorie burning.

The EMOM Circuit also helps to improve coordination, agility, and explosiveness. To maximize results with EMOM circuit workouts, here are some tips to consider:

  • Focus on proper form and technique to prevent injuries and ensure optimal muscle activation.
  • Choose exercises that target different muscle groups to work the whole body.
  • Gradually increase the intensity and complexity of the exercises to continue challenging the body.

Using EMOM circuits in your training routine can provide a time-efficient and effective way to improve overall fitness and athletic performance.


The Burnout format in the Chop Wood Carry Water program challenges individuals with high-intensity, timed-based exercises that push specific muscle groups to their limits. This format is designed to exhaust the targeted muscles through a combination of rep-based and timed exercises. By pushing the muscles to their limits, the Burnout format aims to promote muscle growth and strength development.

When it comes to burnout effectiveness, the Chop Wood Carry Water program has received positive reviews from individuals who have tried this format. Many users have reported feeling a significant burn in their muscles and experiencing muscle fatigue during and after the workout. This indicates that the Burnout format is indeed effective in challenging and pushing the muscles to their limits.

However, it is important to note that the Burnout format may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals may find it too intense or may prefer alternative workouts that focus on different training methods. It is always recommended to listen to your body and choose a workout format that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.


The MixMet format in the Chop Wood Carry Water program challenges individuals with a full-body Metcon challenge that incorporates a format called Alphabet Soup. This unique format grabs the attention of participants with its dynamic and varied exercises.

Here are some reasons why the MixMet format can offer great benefits and results:

  • Increased cardiovascular endurance: The MixMet format pushes individuals to their limits, helping to improve their cardiovascular health and endurance.

  • Efficient fat burning: The high-intensity nature of the MixMet format helps participants burn calories and shed excess body fat.

  • Muscle toning and strength building: The combination of different exercises in the MixMet format targets various muscle groups, resulting in improved strength and muscle tone.

Primal Movement Flow and Recovery

Primal Movement Flow and Recovery is a program that incorporates hybrid movements and primal exercises to improve agility, strength, and overall well-being. The program recognizes the importance of recovery in fitness and offers three dedicated workouts focused on Primal Movement Activation, Joint Mobilization, and Full Body Foam Rolling. These recovery workouts aid in muscle activation, joint mobility, and relaxation, helping individuals recover faster and prevent injuries.

Primal movement benefits include enhanced flexibility, mobility, and stability. By incorporating these elements, participants can experience improved performance, reduced muscle soreness, and increased overall fitness levels. The inclusion of hybrid movements and primal exercises adds variety and challenges the body in new ways, making the program engaging and effective.

Primal movement and recovery are integral components of the program, ensuring a well-rounded approach to fitness.

Availability and Personal Perspective

Availability and personal perspective play a crucial role in determining whether individuals can access and benefit from the CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER program. This innovative program is exclusively available as a streaming option on BODi, offering convenience and flexibility for users.

Whether individuals prefer to work out at home or in the gym, the program caters to both settings.


  • Home: Allows for privacy and convenience, eliminating the need to commute to a gym.
  • Gym: Provides access to a wide range of equipment and professional guidance.


  • Home: Limited equipment options may restrict certain exercises.
  • Gym: Requires a membership and adherence to gym hours.

Personal perspective also influences the success of the program. Some individuals may prefer the comfort and familiarity of their own home, while others thrive in a gym environment. Ultimately, the key is finding the setting that motivates and supports consistent participation in the program.


In conclusion, the Chop Wood Carry Water workout program is an effective and unique combination of functional strength training and primal movement.

Created by Super Trainer Amoila Cesar, the program focuses on improving strength, agility, and overall well-being.

With different calendar options and a variety of workout formats, individuals can tailor the program to their specific goals and needs.

The inclusion of primal movement flow and recovery exercises further enhances flexibility, mobility, and stability.

Overall, Chop Wood Carry Water offers a comprehensive and dynamic workout experience for individuals looking to improve their fitness level.

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