Yoga Vs Gym Which Is Better? (Just One, Together, Or Separate – FAQ’s)

Going to the gym and performing yoga have similar outcomes in mind that both are physical activities performed to make you feel better and live a longer healthier life.

There is no right or wrong answer except for you since everyone is different. You need to not only think about what is the best thing I can do today, but what can I do everyday without hesitation for the next 10 years if I had too.

I know this is a big questions, but if you can answer that you have half the battle one before performing yoga or getting to the gym.

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So yoga or the gym which is better? This is a tough question to answer with all the variables unanswered however we will do our best. Most all famous or successful people agree that mastering one thing can make you very successful and that is no different with fitness. Yoga is still newer but it is one thing you can master behind closed doors and in the end become a healthier, less stressed, less anxiety, less depressed person from along with other psychological and physical benefits. 

Now that is not to say that going to the gym is a bad idea it could be the one thing that gets you to where you wanna be on your fitness journey. I would still try to focus on one area of expertise that you can master like Weight Training then maybe add in some cardio at the end.

It really boils down to what is going to work for you over the long run are you going to get bored with Yoga? You might but there are many different kinds of Yoga style workouts so something is always there for either. A lot of people are going towards yoga even with Celebrities and Sports Athletes that want to extend their fitness health into their more mature years.

One way to not only choose one but to try both is to get on YouTube and look up some yoga workouts that interest you along with some easy to remember gym workouts. Write them down and go to town.

Or you can sign up for a free two week trial at Beachbody On Demand that we use that has over 60+ workout programs that are based on cardio, weight training, yoga, plyometrics, non impact, quick workouts, long workouts you name it they got it.

As of right now I think there is a total of 8 specific Yoga workouts with 3 Week Yoga Retreat and PiYo (mixture of pilates and yoga) being our favorites. There is also many that use weights or if you wan bodyweight training as well. That way you don't have to leave home and can do your workouts anywhere you want.

Gym Vs Yoga Advantages And Disadvantages

EnergyYoga causes a rejuvenation feeling that is long lastingA quick burst of energy after workout is normal however exhaustion can set in
Feeling Fresh
And Flexible
Yoga will help you feel fresh and ready to go Can make you feel accomplished and ready for the day as well
Who Can Do It?Anyone can do yoga as there are many modified moves as wellOnly those of age most don't allow kids
Internal AffectEnergizes and rejuvenates entire body Physical body gets more appealing but no real internal fixes
Solving Internal IssuesKnown to reduce stress, improve immunity along with other psychological benefitsHelps with immunity no real reduction in stress since you are only working physically not mentally
Entire body workout and non impact.Tough to workout entire body with all muscles with simple weight moves

So after looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of both it may make the most sense to combine the two or maybe alternate doing 2-3 gym workouts and 2-3 yoga workouts a week.

Yoga And Gym Together

There doesn't have to be a choice between Yoga and Gym as they both have their benefits and hit in different areas. I probably wouldn't suggest doing gym and yoga back to back as both require a lot of time and energy that you won't have enough of in the beginning.

If you only have 3 days a week to workout or something like that then maybe you can do both starting with a gym session then followed by yoga. Then just make sure you have at least one day off in between.

In the beginning however I would still only choose one as you are more then likely to quit by doing both of them and over exerting yourself.

It is an old cliche that guys go to the gym and girls do yoga. A lot of professional athletes do yoga especially in NFL. The reason being because in sports like football your body takes a beating so why beat it up even more with weights and impact workouts. Yoga will help heal your body internally and externally. Even adding one yoga session a week can make a big difference.

Only Doing Yoga

Yoga is different from the gym as it gets more spiritual along with physical and dealing with mental mindsets along your session. It is a way to have a stress free area in your life that will bleed over into your everyday activities. Now a lot of people don't believe in all this and that is fine because if you don't then it won't happen.

you should talk to professionals or do more research and you will find a lot of feedback on yoga helping with diseases such as heart disease, asthma and even cancer. You can get fit performing yoga it just may take longer periods of time each session and longer period of time when it comes to days.

So why just do Yoga? Because it is more then just about the physical reward when you are dealing with anxiety or panic attacks Yoga can be a tool to help with that side of things. We are not saying it will solve them but with the right mindset it can definitely help. But yes you can get ripped with yoga although that will have much more to do with your nutrition then the actual calories burned doing yoga.

Only Going To The Gym

If you have to have variety the gym may be the way to go. You can walk around and do different types of machines to build your muscles and get your strength up. It also helps get your brain functioning better with the increased blood flow just like yoga. Regular exercise in general will help with your probably health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart attack.

You can go to most gyms anytime as they are open 24 hours a day. A lot of people go in the morning to get their cardio workout in then in the evening or after work to get their weight routine in. As long as you are going consistently and eating healthy big changes will come your way.

So why just go to the gym? Because it is what will work for you in the long term. If you can't stand yoga and no you will never like then with that mindset you should probably never do yoga. If you are just getting back into going to the gym and miss a day or can't make it to the gym then look up a quick yoga workout (with an open mind) and give it a try you may be amazed.


Related Questions

Which Is Better Gym Or Yoga To Lose Weight?

Strictly weight loss and calories burned the gym is probably going to be a safer bet. As you can do some pretty crazy workouts and burn upwards of 1,000 calories in a session not to mention the calories burned all day after performing a weight lifting routine. So combining a weight training routine with cardio will probably be your biggest calorie scorcher.

That's not to say that yoga won't help you lose weight or get your ripped as it very well can and has for many people. I am just saying that you will need to watch your diet more closely then with your workouts and that goes for when you are at the gym too. It is much easier to consume calories then to burn them off.

Yoga Vs Gym For Diabetes

Diabetes is tricky and this will really come down to how to manage your diabetes.

  • Yoga – reduces stress, lowers cortisol levels which is great for your blood sugar that can make it easier to manage.
  • Gym – if you need to lose more weight to help with your diabetes then going to the gym is probably the better approach as you can burn more calories with gym equipment in a lesser amount of time

How Yoga Helps Lose Weight

If you love yoga but want to do it mainly to lose weight you definitely have options. There are specific yoga workouts like power yoga that are meant to burn more calories on top of all the usual benefits of yoga.

You can combine yoga with other cardio activities don't strain yourself. Activities such as cycling, walking, swimming, and running go well with yoga.

Will Yoga Get Me In Shape?

Yes yoga can help get you into shape. However you need to get into healthy eating habits as soon as possible either cutting back on calories or cutting down on your meals and moderation.

Is Hot Yoga A Workout?

Yes Hot Yoga is an amazing cardiovascular and flexibility workout routine. It works heavily on your endurance so take it slowly.

Does Yoga Tone Your Stomach?

There really is no magic exercise that will tone your belly it is made in the kitchen however yoga can help tone what is showing on your stomach especially with some specific moves.


Both the Gym and Yoga have their benefits without too many disadvantages. Or I should say the advantages and disadvantages will vary from person to person.

Some people see getting up, getting dressed, driving to the gym as a positive as they escape from home for a bit and the daily grind. Others will see having a small place in their home to perform yoga as an escape.

In the end if you are just starting out just go about it slowly and maybe do a gym day and yoga day once a week until you find something you like. That is what will take you to success finding something you thoroughly enjoy to do day in and day out. Once you get through a few weeks you will have made a habit and that is what it takes to really start your journey to a health lifestyle.

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