MBF & MBFA Results (Before and After For Muscle Burns Fat)

The Muscle Burns Fat and MBFA program is one that I am very excited to share with you. The results are amazing! In just 42 days, people lost weight, toned up, and gained lean muscle. Also – none of them gain look bulky from the muscle either! If you want to know more about this awesome program, read on for all the details!

The #MBF and #MBFA results have been amazing! People slimmed down, toned up, and acquired lean muscle in only 42 days. Also, not one of them looks bulky from the muscles!

Before and after photos of the MBF are coming soon! These workouts are all less than one hour long, and they give a complete body makeover at home!

You can also view our complete Breakdown Of #MBF & #MBFA REVIEW HERE!

MBF and MBFA stand for Muscle Burns Fat and Muscle Burns Fat Advanced. So basically no matter where you are in your fitness journey you definitely want to start with the Muscle Burns Fat program.

Each of these are 3 weeks long and work in a progression where you build up each workout to a certain level and hit the 3rd week hard.

Every workout pretty much is about interval training some are more intense than others of course. The workouts in Muscle Burns Fat are relatively shorter working right around 20-30 minutes. By the time you get to the Advanced 3 week program your workouts go to 30-40 minutes.

The main difference between MBF and MBFA is the time yes that comes with extra rounds mainly called the Megan Minute. Where are completing your normal sets you will then do a move for an entire minute straight.


There will be some weight loss if you hit the nutrition hard, but while some will lose a lot of weight others might lose little to no weight as well. There are a number of reasons for this with some being you are putting on muscle and/or retaining water. If you aren't sticking to the nutrition plan like 2B Mindset or Keto then that is more than likely why as well.

There are many other positives to what can come out of MBF and MBFA other than what is on the scale. Some of those include:

  • Reduced cravings to junk food
  • Better nights rests
  • Dropping Body Fat
  • More defined muscles
  • Posture improvement
  • Confidence with yourself
  • Fit into clothes much better
  • Ironclad mindset

MBF Equipment Needed

  • BOD Rope or something similar can find some great ones on Amazon we have both.
  • Dumbbells (Light, Medium, Heavy) if you are just starting out make sure you stick with light to medium. Adjustable dumbbells work pretty good as well.
  • Floor mat (If you are on carpet not really needed but probably use a towel at least).

Mealplan For MBF and MBFA

The mealplans suggested are 2B mindset or Ultimate Portion Fix. You don't have to follow these too you can simply do something like cutting back on overall calories or Keto like we do.

They also suggest using Shakeology, Recover, Energize and Hydrate. None of these are needed and I would just take it slow and not use anything, but stay well hydrated the first time through the program. We do now use all the Beachbody supplements and enjoy them.

Is MBF The Right Program For Beginners?

Megan designed MBF with the beginner in mind so go for it and use the modifications until you get comfortable. Focus on your form and not lifting very heavy weights. If you have to do MBF multiple times before MBFA then that is fine everything is about progression. As long as you are improving nothing else matters.


MBF Result Pictures


MBF ResultsLeah

“I am BLOWN AWAY by this program. I’ve never felt so strong and so in love and appreciate of my body and what it is capable of. This program is truly the beginning of my health and fitness journey. I’m down 8 pounds, 10.5 inches, but the confidence and self love I have gained is invaluable. So ready for round 2″



“I lost 4.2 lbs and 3 inches, mostly in my waist and hips. I told myself I didn’t need to lose a ton but just wanted to maintain, tone up and get stronger. Megan Davies you put on a heck of a program and I am so excited to complete it again once it’s launched. Thank you for this opportunity!!!”



“I slayed the first 3 weeks, but the last 3 weeks were hard. I was terrified this morning I wouldn’t see a difference in my pictures. Was NOT expecting to see this!!!

I lost 8 lbs and 12.5 inches!

I haven’t been this small since before I got pregnant 7 years ago – and I was working out hours and hours a day and starving myself back then.

Megan, I really want to say you changed my life.

I’ve never had a program burn so good and completely lean me out – you’re a fitness goddess and you’re about to change the whole company with this program!!”


“Being in this group has actually been pretty hard for me because I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for a couple of years now.

I began Beachbody to try to grow confidence in having a healthy full body so it’s been hard seeing people drop weight when my brain is telling me I should be too, but realistically that just isn’t the case. Always be aware we are all on a different journey and at a different point in our fitness.

Never compare yourself to others.”


“This program is a game changer. I’m down 3 pounds and 7,5 inches, and 3,5 inches on the waist!!!!! I was so bloated! I defined my body and my mindset!”


“This program is straight fire!!! The 6 weeks has flown by!


2lbs lost and 6inches overall gone

All the confidence gained!

Thank you Megan for creating this incredible program!!”

“Down 2 lbs, 7.5 inches. I learned so much about form, Challenging myself, and sticking to nutrition. Those are the magical combinations! Also, the number on the scale isn’t everything!!”

“These are my 6 week results! I loved everything about this program and cannot wait time do it again!”



When you’ve been doing health and fitness projects on yourself for years, you tend to forget the basics aaaaaand maybe, sometimes, the basics you knew and thought were facts were actually wrong all along.

Megan Davies has breathed new life, and facts, into me.


I’ve found me.
Love for myself.
Joy in motherhood.
Comfort in my skin.
So for all that AND my soul mate program, Megan, I thank you from the depths of my soul ❤️

Amber lost 7 lbs and 15 inches!

“Down 8 lbs and 6.75”!! I absolutely loved this program! I worked out a lot in high school and college and this program made me remember how much I love to challenge myself and push myself and made remember what my body is capable of almost 20 years later! Thank you Megan Davies!”




MBF BOD Opinions

So we went out and scoured the internet to see what real people are also saying about MBF and MBFA. This is in comparision to other Beachbody Programs, those just starting out and those that have completed the program entirely. This information was curated from different sites, forums and social groups. So nothing has been changed except any spelling or grammar where needed.


Kailey Lamberson
I love MBF! I just started it!

Wendy Maness
I really like it, it’s a mixture of MM100 and Liift4 to me but not as much jumping as MM100.

Lauren Metzger
Love MBF!!

Nicole Barnes
fyi: the jump ropes for MBF are on backorder.

Jessica Bird
Nicole Barnes amazon has very similar ones!

Kristin Nitsirk
I'm loving MBF. I use light weights (3s, 5s, 8s).

Adrienne Davis
Melissa Dahlia early access for coaches. Everyone else in a little over a week, I believe.

Melissa Dahlia
Adrienne Davis I can't wait!

Allison Myrick Jolley
MBF is quick, fast paced strength training with burst of cardio. They are tough but time goes by so quickly with the format. Definitely created for you to do your personal best with proper form. I’ve done the first 14 workouts and still look forward… See more

Denise Schingeck Spink
I love mbf!

Margaret Kennedy
Love it! So many cool moves I’ve never done & mm100 was way to repetitive so I quit halfway through. I’m sore in places I haven’t even with doing H&C and liift4

Margaret Kennedy
And if you want to lose weight and tone up…start to love lifting weights 😉

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Margaret Kennedy I’m trying! I swear! Lol

Missy Whiteside
You should try 80DO. I’ve gotten the best results with that and Barre. I just started MBF only on day 2. So far I like it.

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Missy Neels Whiteside I cant deal with Autumn. I’m sure she is a nice person and great trainer but I don’t like her voice.

Jeannette Davidge
Or do another round of Barre

Valerie Smith
Jeannette Davidge, I was just gonna type that! I have seen people get amazing results with their 2nd round of barre! I’m on week 7 now and I plan on doing round 2 right away- I don’t see any reason to mess with what works 🙂

Jeannette Davidge
i started barre and it took me 5 weeks for it to “click” and I really enjoy it now. It’s a sneaky program lol. I will be doing a second round for sure.

Jack Hardy
Balance, #MBF creating better Strength she balance. Building muscle fibers from the smallest to the largest. Maxing out and maximizing your heart rate to create that metabolic burn. You are also decreasing your heart rate when stabilizing your core str… See more

Samantha Bartlett
Try the sample workout! It’s on BOD

Stacy O'Neill
If 10 rounds is too hard on your knees I don’t think either MM100 or MBF would feel good.

Ta Sha
I’m loving MBF, I’m doing it with 2B and I’m down 6 pounds in 11 days and never hungry. It’s a really fun workout and the 30 min goes so fast yet I’m sore

Sarah Jones
I love love love MBF! Such a fun effective workout! I am down 4 pounds in 7 days – doing it with 2B mindset. If the jumping is hard on your knees, you can follow the modifier.

Rebecca Wilson
I love the fast pace, not get bored, quick changes of mbf. I love that it's 30 minutes and not a ton of jumping. I love that within the first week I went up in my weights where with other programs I haven't been able to.

Abby Rebekah Smith
I lost 17 lbs w morning meltdown and took all the jumps out. I just started mbf. It seem more intense than mm100. It’s also all done with zoom if that matters to you. Either program will get you results, just depends on which you prefer and will stick … See more

Rokeya Everett Jegede
Tough choice but I say do #mbf. I'm so excited about starting it with my team on the 27th. It's producing great results. Do the samples and see what you think you can stick with.

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Rokeya Everett Jegede I liked the sample and the summit workout. It goes by fast. I worry that the actual workout will just be repetitive and boring to me.

Rokeya Everett Jegede
Really! I know people that are doing it and they are loving it.

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Rokeya Everett Jegede I’ve read a lot of people like it but I’m just not into lifting but I feel like I need to do some weight training to see results quicker.

Manda Lynne
MM100 can be rough on the joints, but the modifications are super low impact, no jumping. It’s also not weight lifting everyday. Mixture of cardio days, core, recovery, and strength training. I love it!

Amy Carlson
I just finished Barre & surprisingly loved it too. I tried MM100 last fall & wanted to love it but didn’t. I just finished the first week of #mbf and LOVE it!

Vanessa Lemrond
I just finished Day 13 of #mbf. I’m happy to answer any questions you have! I absolutely love it so far. Others Ive done in past are T25, 21DF and 21DFX, and 80DO. I think #mbf is my favorite so far, with 80DO as a close second.

Stephanie Lessard-Cazabon
I’m starting tomorrow I’ll let you know

Courtney Phillips-Cintron
Hard choice! I loved mm100 (my favorite program I’ve done…and I’ve done a few). But I’m also loving MBF! If they create a hybrid of these two programs that would be my ultimate happy hybrid. There is a lot of jumping/burpee moves in mm100. However, … See more

Angela Thomas
MBF hands down. I hated mm100

Angela Thomas
Now even though I hated mm100. I did do the whole thing, and it got better when I did 2 each day. It just wasn’t enough. And so much jumping and plank jumping, which is not good for my body. But then the modified was too easy. It was just not a program… See more

AryAhna Weaver
I haven’t started in yet, but had to get it because of the sweet challenge pack deal. MM100 was a life changing program for me though. Amazing results and gave me a newfound joy for exercise.

Melissa Pizarro
I actually love it cus it’s fast paced, it goes by quickly and you feel it. I like the way the workouts are set up in blocks as well her AMRAP and EMOM workouts. It switches things up for you so it feels like a different workout. It’s challenging and m… See more

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Melissa Pizarro yea I worried MM100 would be too much for my knees. I like Jericho but so far I can’t do her workouts.

Melissa Pizarro
Nicole Tyler yeah I wasn’t even going to attempt it. Besides the thought of 100 days being completely daunting to me, when I saw how much they were jumping I was like “oh no, not for me”

Alphretta Erdmann
Have you tried Turbo Fire and PiYo?
I started at 235+ with PiYo then switched to TF after a few rounds and lost about 50 pounds.

Sam Pressman
You don't HAVE to lift weights. but it helps.

Jennifer Ford
I did day 1 #mbf and my quads hurt for 3 days. 😬 I only got it because it was my BOD renewal.

Tiffany Welker Sutton
I hated mm100. Barre kicked my ass. I loved lift 4. I did the prep. I started the work, but it was way too advanced for me. I love mbf! Hope you find one you love! Congrats!

Marty Gilliam McKenzie
Nothing says you can't do Barre again. Just kick it up a notch!

April Blevins Rousseau
Marty Gilliam McKenzie I’m addicted to barre !!

Marty Gilliam McKenzie
April Blevins Rousseau I really like it too! But goodness, it is tough!

Penny Brandt
April Blevins Rousseau me too. I have done barre twice, been jumping around a bit, now started mbf , but haven’t fallen in love with it yet and keep wanting to do Barre again, but I paid for early mbf so will finish it.

April Blevins Rousseau
Marty Gilliam McKenzie it is! I’ve never had sweat drip down my face like I do in barre.

Marty Gilliam McKenzie
April Blevins Rousseau same!

Pamela Harrington Carver
I didn't enjoy MM100 and some of the crazy jumping moves would be exactly what you are trying to avoid with your knees. I really like MBF, there is strength training but it goes super fast, and she does cardio bursts in every workout to break it up a… See more

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Thanks for everyone’s input! I ordered the program and BOD rope and I will start tomorrow.

Mia Tepper
Nicole Tyler Sorry didnt see this before i replied

Nicole Tyler Ezzell
Mia Tepper Its okay. I still like to read everyone's opinions.

Amanda Danielle
I have HORRIBLE knees and modify every program. Have you tried Core de Force? I had great results from it and find myself always going back to it. I loved it more than MM100 but I know that some people love programs and others hate them so it’s all a personal preference.

Vibhu Mahajan
Amanda Danielle me too! I tried jumping a few times, but honestly my knees are no good and I always did the low impact modifications to get through. You are still burning calories no matter what.

Nosheen Pyarali
Go for mm100. Definitely 💯 it’s an amazing program . Good long commitment and keeps on motivated and on track ❤️❤️


Final Thoughts

Muscle Burns Fat is a program that can produce incredible results in just six weeks. In 42 days, people lost weight, toned up, and gained lean muscle without looking bulky from the muscles! If you want to know more about this awesome program read on for all the details.

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